Tire-toi une buche, v’la de la science ! with Evelyne Thiffault

13 February 2021

It is possible to view the presentation (in French) given by Evelyne Thiffault on February 8th as part of the FFGG’s Tire-toi une bûche v’là de la science! event.

Title : The forest sector and the fight against climate change: lessons learned from the Forêt Montmorency


The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) recognizes that forestry can play a key role in mitigating climate change.  A study suggests that actions and an ambitious portfolio of actions mobilizing the Québec forest sector could lead to annual emission reductions of up to 7 Mt CO2 eq/year by 2030. Did you know that the work on forest carbon at the Forêt Montmorency has been one of the foundations of our understanding of the role of Quebec’s forests in the fight against climate change? The history of this work and the future developments of climate agile forestry will be presented during this event.

A virtual meeting allowing to learn more about the activities and research projects carried out within the large forest estate of Laval University.

Speaker: Evelyne Thiffault, ing.f., Ph.D.

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