The MFFP’s sustainable forest management knowledge meeting: Hardwood tree quality

22 February 2022

Event in French – Traduction by the CRMR. 

The production of high-value wood from hardwood species depends on the absence of defects and staining on the surface of the sawn wood. Hardwood trees are now being harvested further north because of the lack of available volumes in southern Quebec, which raises several questions. What is the relationship between tree, log and board characteristics of sugar maple and yellow birch in estimating wood values? What is the diameter at financial maturity of sugar maple at the northern edge of its range? What are the characteristics of northern sugar maple forests that allow us to evaluate their potential for the forest industry? How can we predict the proportion of coloured wood in a tree using a non-destructive characterization method? Is it possible to map the probability of wood staining in white birch on a large scale based on forest inventory and climate data? What are the conditions that cause wood to degrade more or less rapidly after tree death? The research projects presented at this meeting attempt to answer these questions.

Alexis Achim, professor-researcher and director of the Centre, and David Voyer, doctoral student-researcher, will present a conference at this event organized by the Ministère des Forêts, de la Faune et des Parcs.

You will be able to join the activity on the agenda’s web page.
These half-day activities are free and open to all, without registration!

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