Spring clean your computer !

19 May 2021

This activity organized by our friends at CERMA aims to reduce the environmental footprint of the digital environment of research centers. The goal is to take half an hour or an hour to reduce one’s digital footprint and to note the memory space thus freed up on the various platforms (emails and files), and to inform CERMA of the results. There will be a draw among those who respond to win a $50 gift certificate!

This activity is preceded by a conference on the impact of digital by :

Maxime Pinsard, Shifters Montreal at 12:30 pm

Zoom link : https://ulaval.zoom.us/j/69958885276?pwd=UTVvQ0hIUVZnZ3JhbnZNODNFTlJLdz09

Here are the actions you can take to reduce your digital footprint:

  • Clean up your computer files (hard drives, institutional servers): delete all unnecessary, irrelevant or outdated files
  • Clean up your institutional e-mail
    • delete unnecessary and outdated e-mails and/or, at the very least, “heavy” attachments
    • classify your e-mails
    • schedule a regular archiving of your emails → (this also avoids having a full inbox)
  • Also clean up cloud platforms that store personal data:
    • iCloud
    • Dropbox
    • Drive
  • Online email (Gmail, Hotmail, etc.)
  • Learn how to reduce your digital footprint (read the document developed by CERMA and Shifters Montreal)

To go further…

To reduce your digital footprint on a daily basis, we invite you to consult the document of practical actions presented below written by the CERMA with the Shifters Montreal and to get inspired!

Activity in collaboration with :

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