Screening of the documentary ”Picture a scientist” and panel discussion on the place of women in science

9 April 2021

Women are under-represented in science and engineering disciplines and Quebec is no exception. In 2020, less than 30% of enrolments in engineering programs in Quebec were women. In pure and applied sciences, while women represent around 40% of enrolments, female representation decreases sharply at the graduate level. Between 2007 and 2020, the representation of women in science and engineering programs has changed little.

For those who do enter the field, the experience can be difficult. Sexual harassment, gender inequality, discrimination and sexist behavior do not spare the world of science. The documentary Picture a Scientist addresses these issues by giving voice to women scientists who confide in us about their career paths and fight to make our field more equitable and diverse. The double award-winning 2020 documentary aims to be a catalyst for thought, discussion and change.

Join us April 7-9, 2021 for the online screening of the documentary and on April 9, at 4pm, on zoom, during a panel discussion around the female experience in science and engineering. The panel will be moderated by Véronic Landry (Université Laval – Co-Director of the Centre de Recherche sur les Matériaux Renouvelables) and Juliette Triquet (Université Laval – Doctoral student in wood science) who will welcome :

  • Ève Langelier (Université de Sherbrooke) – Chairholder of the Chair for Women in Science and Engineering in Quebec
  • Annie Levasseur (ÉTS) – Scientific Director of CERIEC and member of the Quebec Renewable Materials Network
  • Sophie Fenofanambinanatsaralazas (Laval University) – PhD student on girls’ careers in STEM
  • Ilse Cárdenas (Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières) – PhD student in Engineering and Chemistry of lignocellulosic materials within the Renewable Materials Quebec network

The event is by registration only! The registration form is here.  However, seating for the screening is unlimited. Seating for the panel will be limited to 300 (maximum zoom capacity).

Following your registration, you will receive an email on April 7th containing a link that will give you access to the film for 72 hours. You will be able to watch it, online, as much as you want, and especially, at the time that suits you best! You can of course have access to the film even if you can’t be present at the roundtable on April 9.
The ideal is to have seen the film before April 9th at 4pm to understand the references that will be made during the round table.

To see the documentary trailer:
Facebook event :

For more information, please contact Juliette Triquet (

Thank you to Marie Mottoul for the event flyer.

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