Science popularization contest : It’s time to vote for your favorite video!

25 May 2021

Graduate students, undergraduates, postdoctoral fellows and professionals who are members of the MRQ network were invited to participate in the first edition of the Renewable Materials Quebec network’s science popularization contest! #MRQnetwork

  • Maxime Parot – Comment transformer du bois en fibre de carbone ?
  • Team Carbone – La forêt comme outil de lutt
  • Groupe de recherche sur la finition des produits du bois – Magie ou science ?
  • Laurence Boudreault – Matériaux renouvelables et culturellement essentiels
  • Rodrigue Daassi – L’utilisation des coproduits du bois pour une agriculture durable
  • Arij Maalaoui – Concevoir aujourd’hui pour déconstruire demain
  • Manon Beaufils – Cuisinons ensemble

Their capsules, each 3 minutes long, are all available at the following link.

Now, we need you to vote for your favorite video via the following form. The votes will be collected until May 25th at noon.

Good luck to all participants!

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