New spaces are available in La santé woodland, and the CRMR has contributed to this!

10 September 2021

Mon équilibre ULaval offers you an island of natural coolness in the heart of the university campus with spaces designed in harmony with Mother Nature. Located in the La santé woodland, behind the Jean-Charles-Bonenfant pavilion, these spaces welcome you to study, chat or simply to take a break in nature. Each station is unique: find the one that suits you and enjoy the moment!

The “wood wizards” who participated in the design of the benches, gave advice, support and participated in the search for sponsorships are Pierre Blanchet, professor and regular researcher at the CRMR, Normand Paradis, technician in charge of the CRMR, and Daniel Bourgault, technicien of the CRMR! Thank you and congratulations for your precious contribution to this beautiful project.

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