MRQ Network – 20 minutes of science by Lucas Moreau (UL-Team Carbone)

14 May 2021

🌞🍹 Even during the summer season, the MRQ Network’s 20 minutes of science continues!

Our presenter for the month of May is Lucas Moreau, a student researcher from Laval University (FFGG) who is part of Team Carbone.

Mitigating climate change has become a priority for Quebec, which has taken on national and international leadership.  🌎🌲  The potential of the forestry sector is now widely recognized. In particular, beacause of its capacity to sequester carbon in ecosystems and wood products, but also because of the substitution generated by the use of wood to replace materials with a high carbon footprint.

The presentation will address the quantification of the mitigation potential of the Quebec forestry sector for the period 2018-2050 according to several alternative strategies to the normal course of business. More broadly, the set of conditions necessary for the forestry sector to provide a mitigation benefit will be discussed.

Taking into account the impact of climate change on forest landscapes could change the results obtained so far. It is therefore essential to predict changes in the forest landscape resulting from the combined effect of climate warming and forest management. Two case studies (temperate forest and boreal forest) will illustrate the impact of these phenomena on the forestry sector’s potential to mitigate and fight climate change.

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We look forward to seeing many of you there! ❤
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