Laboratories – Trois-Rivières (UQTR & Innofibre)

Trois-Rivières (UQTR & Innofibre)

Our infrastructure in Trois-Rivières is located on the campus of the Université du Québec à Trois-Rivières. It includes labs belonging to the Centre de recherche sur les matériaux lignocellulosique (CRML) and the Centre d’innovation des produits cellulosiques (Innofibre), both located in the CIPP building, as well as the Laboratory of Mechanics and Eco-Materials (LMEM, Léon Provencher building) and Marc Beauregard’s lab in the Pierre Boucher building.

Purification System Purification System: used by Innofibre to split pulp with the goal of using the pulp fibres for other applications. Photo credit: Innofibre

Innofibre's experimental paper machine Innofibre’s experimental paper machine: one of a kind paper- and cardboard-making equipment in Canada with outputs of 20 to 300 g/m2 at speeds up to 1000 m/min. Photo credit: Innofibre.

Laminating and coating unit Laminating and coating unit : this multifunctional equipment can deposit thin layers of products on the surface of paper or cardboard. Its various coating stations have led to the developpment of bioactive packaging at Innofibre. Photo credit: Innofibre.

Pilot plant for pulping Pilot plant for pulping: used for the mechanical and chemical pre-treatment of biomass. Photo credit: UQTR.

LMEM Laboratory LMEM Laboratory: Vacuum resin injection system for the impregnation of biocomposites. Photo credit: UQTR

Temperature and humidity controlled room Temperature and humidity controlled room: for the characterization of mechanical and optical properties of paper, paperboard and biocomposites. Photo credit: UQTR.

Test bench for the manufacture of electrospun nanofibres Test bench for the manufacture of electrospun nanofibres: used for producing nanofibers by the electrospinning process of polymers. Photo credit UQTR.

Interstage reactor Interstage reactor : for lignocellulosic material. 1 m 3, input through a high consistency mixing screw with multiple inputs for gas/liquids over its entire length. Photo credit: UQTR.

Double rotation extruder Double rotation extruder: for agricultural and forest biomass fractionation and the production of composites based on natural fibers and paper sludge. Photo credit: K. Adjallé.