Habits and actions taken by the members of the CRMR to take care of our planet!

26 April 2021

On April 22, in honor of Earth Day, we invited the members of the research center to share with us the habits adopted and actions taken to take care of the planet. Thank you to the 13 participants of the survey (alphabetical order):

  • Christine Bombardier-Cauffopé
  • Daniel Bourgault
  • Rodrigue Daassi
  • Emilie L. Dubois (Impakt Scientifik – not a member but a friend of the CRMR)
  • Claude Durocher
  • Nancy Gélinas
  • Luc Girompaire
  • Emami Hossein
  • Zahra Hosseini
  • Marie-Eve Laverdure
  • Marie Mottoul
  • Marie Soula
  • Caroline Trahan

Here is the summary of the responses. We hope that these ideas will inspire you at home or in your organizations.

Personal habits and actions

Food and nutrition

  • Vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian diet and/or limiting beef
  • Compost food waste
  • Buy bulk and local foods as much as possible, or grow food at home (greenhouse, garden… and there is even a chicken coop at Daniel’s house)!
  • Avoid food waste
  • Bake their own bread
  • Drinking oat milk

Home and lifestyle

  • No kids !
  • Consume with the 3R rule (reduce, reuse, recycle). For example, reduce the consumption of single-use products, rewash your ziplocs, transform your long pants into shorts, sort your waste to recycle what is recyclable and bring to the ecocenter what can be recovered there.
  • Live in a small house/flat, which reduces energy consumption
  • Zero waste (to the best of their ability!)
  • No dishwasher
  • Buy a fair and sustainable phone (Fairphone)
  • Avoid fast fashion
  • Use natural products (especially cleaners!)
  • Build with wood


  • Do not own a car
  • Limit the use of their car (public transportation, carpooling and/or active transportation)
  • Drive a hybrid vehicle


  • Take part in the activities of organizations (ex: Time for the Planet)
  • Take part in discussion groups on the subject (e.g.: Climate Book Club)
  • Encourage others to think about these issues and lead by example
  • Do research on GHG reduction

Corporate habits and actions (Impakt Scientifik)

  • Use public transit and/or Communauto to meet clients.
  • Question the relevance of all paper printing, otherwise use recycled paper and do not add glaze or lamination to ensure recyclability.

That’s it! Hopefully these many ideas will inspire you! More details on Earth Day here.

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