Four CRMR graduates are highlighted at the graduation ceremony on June 22, 2022!

27 June 2022

Congratulations to Dogninema André Soro, Aurélien Hermann, Roberta Dagher and Paul Wellenreiter, members of the CRMR, who received their Ph.D.  precious degrees on June 22, 2022 !

These memorable moments were marked by the presence of their supervisors: Roger Hernandez, Véronic Landry and Alexis Achim (from left to right).

Dogninema André Soro, currently holds a PhD in forestry sciences. Under the supervision of Alexis Achim and Patrick Lenz, this work focused on evaluating the effects of environmental conditions on wood properties and their genetic control in white spruce. The results showed that the average variation in wood density is mainly controlled by genetics, however clones use different drought adaptation strategies and some are less sensitive than others.
Aurélien Hermann, obtained a doctorate in wood engineering and bio-based materials. Supervised by Véronic Landry and Dominique Burr, his thesis work examined the development of a high performance UV curable finishing system. The main objective of her project was to improve the mechanical properties of UV-curable coatings for wood flooring through the analysis and understanding of their physico-chemical behavior.
Roberta Dagher now holds a PhD degree in wood engineering and bio-based materials. Under the supervision of Véronic Landry and Tatjana Stevanovic, her dissertation work provided a better understanding of the factors that influence the development of color by the application of aqueous solutions of metal salts on the surface of wood and the impact of this staining method on the final appearance of the wood and its stability after exposure to UV light.
Paul Wellenreiter currently holds a Ph.D. degree in wood engineering and bio-based materials. Under the supervision of Roger Hernández and Carl Blais, the objective of his research was to improve the planing of two woods widely used in Quebec, sugar maple and black spruce. The study of helicoidal cutting tools with high helix angles was decided upon as an axis of improvement. (Helix angles of 40˚, 50˚ and 60˚). The cutting forces, noise level, and power consumption were measured and the surface quality of the machined boards was then evaluated.

Dogninema André Soro

From left to right: Aurélien Hermann, Véronic Landry and Roberta Dagher


From left to right: Tom Levasseur, Rémi George, Roger Hernández, Paul Wellenreiter , Jean-Claude Ruel, Bruna Ugulino and Rosilei Aparecida Garcia.

From left to right: Roger Hernández, Robert Beauregard and Alexis Achim


Communication Manager: Besma Bouslimi

Thank you Véronic Landry and Roger Hernández for the photos of the graduation!

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