Fall 2021 Perseverance Scholarship

22 August 2021

The application file can be written in English

Objectives: To promote university studies and research that are related to the research axes of the Renewable Materials Quebec (MRQ network). To offer financial assistance to students at the end of their studies.

Deadline: August 22, 2021, 11:59 PM

Amount: $5,000 for one semester – starting August 30, 2021 spread over two weeks until December 10, 2021.

Rules and Selection Criteria:

  • Must be enrolled full-time in graduate studies in the Autumn 2021 term.

  • Must have a director or co-director who is a co-applicant or collaborator of the MRQ network (see lists here). First priority for scholarships will be given to students who are directed or co-directed by co-applicants in the MRQ network, and second priority to students who are directed or co-directed by collaborators in the MRQ network. If funds remain, awards will be extended to students involved in the network.

  • Have completed at least four semesters for MSc students and six semesters for PhD students.

  • For PhD students, have at least one manuscript accepted for publication.

  • Have no other source of funding.

  • Each student is eligible to receive only one perseverance scholarship per program of study.

Documents to be submitted:

  • Financial Insecurity Form (Formulaire_Bourses_soutien_MRQ_A2021);

  • Summary of your research project (1 page maximum): title, objective(s), problematic, methodology, expected results, potential applications, industrial positive spin-offs – in clear, concise and easy-to-understand language (reviewers are not necessarily experts in your field of research). Do not forget to mention the MRQ partners and co-applicants and collaborators who are involved in the project;

  • List of implications within the MRQ network;

  • Detailed timeline of work with demonstration that the scholarship will contribute to the completion of the studies (1 page maximum);

  • Recent curriculum vitae (2 pages maximum) OR link to your LinkedIn profile if it is complete enough;

  • Letter of support from your supervisor or co-supervisor who is a co-applicant or collaborator or MRQ Network, including an explanation/justification of the reason for the lack of financial support;

  • Copy of your transcripts from your current studies program (including the current semester);

  • Proof of an accepted manuscript for publication (if applicable – PhD) and/or list of publications.

Application Evaluation Grid:

1. Evaluation of the student’s financial situation – 15 pts

2. Academic record and scientific achievements – 10 pts

2.1. Academic grade

2.2. Scientific Achievements :

2.2.1. Accepted or published article(s)

2.2.2. Other achievements (conferences, awards, grants, etc.)

3. Implications and collaborations within the MRQ network – 45 pts

3.1. List of implications within the MRQ network (present or attend activities, committees, popularization articles, etc.)

3.2. List of MRQ network members involved in the project

3.3. List of MRQ network partners involved in the project

3.4. Letter of support from your director or co-director who is a co-applicant or collaborator of the MRQ network

4. Presentation of the project and the application file – 30 pts

4.1. Quality of the content of your project summary ;

4.2. Justification of the time delay ;

4.3. Presentation and level of detail of the timeline of work ;

4.4. Quality and presentation of the entire application file.

Transmission: Send all required documents by email, in a single PDF document, to: christine.bombardier-cauffope.1@ulaval.ca. For any question about the scholarship application, contact her.

Read the evaluation grid carefully, the distribution of points and the documents to be submitted list. The evaluation is based only on what is presented in the application, so make sure that nothing is missing from the file.

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