CRMR Perseverance Scholarship Launch – Autumn 2022

12 September 2022



Deadline: September 30, 2022 at 4:00 pm


  • To promote academic study and research that is related to the research axes of the Renewable Materials Research Centre (CRMR).
  • To provide financial assistance to a student at the end of their studies.

Amount: $5,000 for one term – one award paid during the Fall 2022 semester.

Selection Rules and Criteria:

  • Required full-time registration for 2nd or 3rd year studies in the autumn 2022 semester.
  • Must have a director or co-director who is a member of the CRMR at Université Laval and be a student member of the CRMR.
  • Have completed at least four semesters for graduate students and six semesters for postgraduate students.
  • For PhD students, have at least one manuscript accepted for publication.
  • Have no other source of funding.
  • Each student is eligible to receive only one perseverance scholarship per program of study.

Required documents and standards to be met:


  • Completed financial insecurity form Form:Financial insecurity form-Perseverance scholarship-CRMR ULAVAL-Automn 2022
  • Description of your research project – title, objectives, problem, methodology, expected results, potential applications and industrial spin-offs – in clear, concise and easy-to-understand language (2 pages maximum). Take into consideration that the people evaluating your application are not necessarily experts in your field of research.
  • Detailed timeline of work including an explanation of how the scholarship will contribute to the completion of the studies (1 page maximum);
  • Recent curriculum vitae (2 pages maximum).
  • Letter of support from your director/co-director who is a member of the CRMR-Ulaval, including an explanation/justification of the reason for the lack of financial support.
  • Copy of your transcripts (undergraduate or equivalent, and graduate, including summer 2022).
  • Proof of UL registration for the Autumn 2022 semester.
  • Proof of an accepted manuscript for publication (if applicable – PhD) and/or list of publications.

Standards: minimum margins of 2 cm, single line spacing, font « Arial 11 ».

Evaluation grid for the application:

1) Evaluation of the student’s financial situation – 35 pts

2) Academic record and scientific achievements – 20pts

  1. Cumulative average – 10pts
  2. Scientific Achievements-10pts
  3. Accepted or published paper – 5pts
  4. Other achievements (conferences, awards, grants, etc.) – 5pts

3) Presentation of the project and file – 45pts

  1. Quality and content of the project description – 15pts
  2. Justification for delay – 15pts
  3. Detailed presentation of schedule – 5pts
  4. Letter of support from your MRCR-Ulaval member director/co-director – 5pts
  5. Quality and presentation of the entire application – 5pts


Send all the required documents, including the financial insecurity form, in a single PDF document, by email to Besma Bouslimi:

« Read the evaluation grid carefully, the distribution of points and the documents to be submitted. The evaluation is based only on what is presented in the application, so make sure nothing is missing from the file ».

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