Creation of the position of Co-Director

15 February 2021

Here is an important decision that was made at the last CRMR Members’ Meeting on February 10, 2021.

Creation of the position of Co-Director

At the meeting, the members voted to create a position of Co-Director at the CRMR. The idea behind the creation of the position is to have a better representation of the diversity of opinions and research areas of the CRMR in decision-making. The proposal was unanimously adopted by the Assembly. The mandate of the Co-Director will be to assist the Director in giving directions to the CRMR that will ensure its development and sustainability. However, he wishes the person to have flexibility in his or her role and that it can be discussed.

Nomination Process – Please refer to the nomination schedule below

Nomination period

Regular Researchers of the CRMR have the opportunity to apply or nominate another Regular Researcher for the position of Co-Director of the CRMR at until February 19, 2021 at 4:00 p.m.

Discussion with candidates

Interested candidates for the position of Co-Director will be able to speak with Alexis to explain their reasons for running and their vision for the mandate – which is flexible. This is not an interview. Interested candidates should contact Alexis Achim ( directly to plan this discussion between February 22 and 26 inclusively.

Presentation of candidates to the Assembly of Members by email

On March 1, the applications and a summary of the discussions will be forwarded to the Assembly of Members by email.

Confidential electronic voting

On March 2, if there are more than one candidate for the position, a confidential voting form will be sent to the members.

Nomination Schedule

February 15 to 19 inclusive February 22 to 26 inclusive March 1 March 2
Nomination period (nominate yourself or someone else)
Discussion with candidates
Submission of nominations to the Assembly (by e-mail)
Confidential electronic voting

If you have any questions regarding the procedure, please contact Christine Bombardier-Cauffopé by Teams or by email. If you have any questions regarding the mandate, please contact Alexis Achim directly.

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