Congratulations to Véronic Landry who was awarded the Prix Jeune diplômée 2021 by Université Laval!

10 May 2021

Text translated :

After completing a bachelor’s degree in chemistry at Université Laval in 1999, Véronic Landry went on to complete a master’s degree (chemistry, 2005) and a doctorate (wood science, 2009). Industrial researcher from 2008 to 2017 and associate professor (2009-2017) at the Faculty of Forestry, Geography and Geomatics (FFGG), she became associate professor in 2017.

She currently holds the NSERC-Canlak Research Chair in Interior Product Finishing, her research activities focus on the development of environmentally responsible finishing products and densification systems and processes. A rare woman who has succeeded in establishing herself as a scientist and practitioner in wood science serving industrial partners, Véronic Landry is a pioneer in sustainable development and a leader in the emerging field of low environmental impact finishes.

As a professor, Ms. Landry is committed to training and inspiring the next generation of wood preservation researchers who, in turn, will be the actors of a shift towards innovative and ecoresponsible practices.

Clip “Les remarquables” here (FR):

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