Understand and Characterize the Renewable Resource

Theme Leader: Ahmed Koubaa

Theme 1: Determination of Physical, Mechanical, Chemical and Thermal Properties

  • Properties and behavior of juvenile and mature wood, bark and biomass;
  • Chars produced from forest, agricultural, industrial and urban biomass;
  • Characterization and prediction of timber availability from natural disturbances for the production of bioenergy and bioproducts;
  • Prediction of char properties with respect to the properties of the raw material and processing methods;
  • Using numerical modeling tools to design innovative products based on renewable materials.

Theme 2: Caracterization Using Non-Destructive Methods

  • Intra- and inter-tree, genetic and phenotypic variations and variations due to sylvicultural treatments, to optimize procurement and processing;
  • Development of non-destructive tools to characterize wood properties;
  • Development of predictive models for the physico-mechanical properties of wood using non-destructive measurements.