Founded in 2013, the Renewable Materials Research Centre (CRMR) is made up of researchers from the former Wood Research Center (U. Laval) who collaborate closely with several government agencies, universities and college centers. of technology transfer and other research centers. These collaborations take the form of a research network, a large-scale initiative, and the sharing of knowledge and equipment.

The CRMR brings together researchers from different disciplines for the development of new solid wood products, wood-based composites, wood fibers or other lignocellulosic fibers and value-added co-products. The main goal of the center is to support research and training for the responsible use of forest and lignocellulosic resources, while taking into account increasingly severe environmental and economic constraints.



  1. Understand and Characterize the Renewable Resource.
    • Determine the physical, mechanical, chemical and thermal properties of wood, agricultural plants and other plant fibers;
  2. Transforming the Resource and Designing Eco-Responsible Products and Systems.
    • Develop wood and biomass processing methods, design innovative and eco-responsible products and systems and develop and promote extractives and biopolymers resulting from these processing methods;
  3. Using Innovative Products and Systems and Analyzing their Environmental Performance.
    • Assess the behavior and performance of innovative products and systems and analyze their life cycle;
  4. Accessing Markets.
    • Analyze the needs of society for renewable materials and the economics, governance mechanisms and marketing of innovative products and systems.


The mission of the Renewable Materials Research Centre (CRMR) is to support research and training for the responsible use of forest resources and other lignocellulosic fibers in order to meet the current and future needs of our society, taking into account environmental issues and economic.


The consultation committee is the center for consultation of the Center in terms of strategic support for its development. It presides over the distribution of human and material resources necessary for the proper functioning of the Center and ratifies the specific agreements made between the Center and any body internal or external to Laval University. It studies and coordinates the initiatives of the members in terms of requests for common grants, sharing of resources, carrying out transfer activities, etc.

The Assembly of Researchers and Representatives promotes a culture of collaboration. It studies and approves, if necessary, the decisions and projects proposed by the consultation committee in relation to the strategic orientations, nature and functioning of the center.

For more details, read the Statutes of the CRMR – ULAVAL pole (french version).