A look at research to evaluate the fire performance of screwed connections for solid wood high-rise buildings

13 December 2021

“Structural elements in a building must provide sufficient fire resistance to prevent premature collapse of the structure and provide a safe means of egress for the occupants. However, the use of combustible materials as structural components of the building raises many concerns about its fire performance.

In order to demonstrate the safe use of wood in fire situations, a master’s project was conducted at the Industrial Research Chair on Eco-responsible Wood Construction (CIRCERB) of Université Laval by Mathieu Létourneau-Gagnon (now at Technorm), under the direction of Christian Dagenais (FPInnovations/Université Laval) and the co-direction of Pierre Blanchet (Université Laval), in collaboration with Art Massif, MTC Solutions and other partners of the Chair. (Traduction by the Direction)”

Read the rest of the article (in French) by Myriam Drouin, research professional at the CRMR, on Voir Vert. 

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