GET A LOG, HERE COMES SCIENCE! The Montmorency Forest, host of two major research projects in 2021!

12 April 2021

Text taken from the FFGG website.

The Montmorency Forest, host of two major research projects in 2021!
Major research projects to come at the Montmorency Forest :
Silviculture in the face of climatic and environmental realities and climate agile forestry: from ecosystem to markets.

With important research projects to come, the new Montmorency Forest is becoming agile and connected, allowing for collaboration between different teams and better access to cutting edge tools and data. The conference will focus on current projects at the Montmorency Forest and the two projects below coming in 2021.

Climate agile forestry: From ecosystem to markets

Researchers will study in great detail the exchange of carbon, water and energy between the atmosphere and boreal forests in order to develop a model to mitigate the increase of CO2 in the atmosphere, while increasing the market share of forest products. The model will encompass carbon, water and energy flows not only in the forests, but also at the stage of tree harvesting, mill processing and use in society. This project is led by Évelyne Thiffault, professor-researcher in the Department of Wood and Forest Sciences, and co-directed by François Anctil, professor in the Department of Civil and Water Engineering at Université Laval. Ten principal investigators and about twenty collaborating researchers are part of this multidisciplinary team.

Silv21: adapting silviculture to new climatic and environmental realities

Called Silv21, the objective of this research program is to provide data, tools and practical solutions that will allow forestry managers to improve the resistance of forests to various disturbances and sources of stress, thus contributing to the health of these ecosystems and the well-being of the communities that depend on them. The scientific direction of the program will be provided by Alexis Achim, professor-researcher in the Department of Wood and Forest Sciences at Université Laval. Twelve principal investigators and approximately 50 collaborators from across the country will contribute to this unprecedented research effort in the field of silviculture.

Speakers :

Evelyne Thiffault, ing.f, François Anctil, ing. and Alexis Achim, ing.f.

April 12 /12:30 to 1:30 pm

Link to register for the conference :


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