Conference by Timothée Fouqueray – The games are done: serious games to s(t)imulate innovation in forestry sciences

20 May 2021

TIMOTHÉE FOUQUERAY, APRIL 5, 2019. Picture of Didier Goupy.

Conflicts of use, participation, local knowledge, economic and behavioral uncertainties… All these issues remind even the most “scientific” among us that “forest management is not about trees, but about people” (J. Westoby, 1967). Although the forestry sciences have understood this, they are still struggling to mobilize methods that integrate various disciplines and non-academic knowledge. In this talk, Timothée Fouqueray will present an innovative, interdisciplinary, and participatory approach that meets this need: serious games. He will describe its advantages and constraints, and present how academics and forestry professionals can use it to test hypotheses, generate new ideas and encourage prospective territorial approaches. For more concreteness, he will illustrate his remarks with Foster Forest, a semi-computerized role-playing game that he developed to s(t)imulate adaptation to climate change in French forestry.

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Conference in French.

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