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La semaine verte : The Forest of the Future

28 February 2021
The Radio-Canada's La semaine verte report of February 13 focused on the forest of the future. The effects of climate change are accelerating and weakening our forests, as well as the industries and communities that depend on them. ... Continue reading »

Faculty Competition of Three Minute Thesis !

17 February 2021
Once again this year, the FFGG, in collaboration with the SSF, AFOR, CEF, CRMR and CRDIG are organizing the faculty competition "My thesis in 180 seconds"! This edition, which will be entirely virtual, will take place on March 16, from... Continue reading »

Creation of the position of Co-Director

15 February 2021
Here is an important decision that was made at the last CRMR Members' Meeting on February 10, 2021. Creation of the position of Co-Director At the meeting, the members voted to create a position of Co-Director at the CRMR. The idea b... Continue reading »


A stronger connection

27 November 2017
A mechanical reinforcement treatment of wood by impregnation of acrylates in the connector member The wood-frame construction is gaining interest here and around the world for its ecological benefits and its aesthetic appearance. Wood building technologies are constantly evolving to improve the stability and strength needed for increasingly taller buildings, such as this student residence at the University of British-Colombia. However, as the size of buildings i... Continue reading »